Welcome To The Global Spirit Of Dance
Welcome To The Global Spirit Of Dance

The Afro-Caribbean/ Cuban Dance Experience has offered an Afro-Caribbean/ Folkloric Cuban Dance class for the past two years. Headed by Master Teacher/ Choreographer and Community Leader Lisa McCall. The class grew out of the hunger in our community for this type of spiritual experience. Lisa proposing to create the Afro-Caribbean Folkloric Afro-Cuban Dance through Cultural Arts and Education for Adults and Children. The dance classes are based in movements and rhythms of the African Caribbean Diaspora and to celebrate the powerful trio of live musicians, song and dance. 

 Ms. McCall’s training in the Katherine Dunham Technique is incorporated with principles influenced by folkloric Afro-Cuban, Caribbean and Haitian Dance. This “Experience” is designed to be beneficial for all experience levels and is a wonderful tool for community building and healthy spiritual healing through the benefits of dance. 

 This class has become a life changing feeding ground for many women of all backgrounds ages, shapes and sizes. Class is more than a dance class. It has become a healing, spiritual, educational and a workout designed for the everyday person. The “Experience” incorporates musicians experienced in this genre and has begun attracting local professional musicians who are seeking to gain knowledge and experience of this genre of music. 

Recently the dance class has attracted men as participates in this growing global dance movement that is receiving attention worldwide attention through live streaming. This six week course is designed to be experienced one day per week.  New technology is being used to connect with global students online where they can join the class live from their home, hotel or wherever, and or review archived dances classes on their own time. 

In 2016 year the class was able to travel to New Orleans and experience the rich culture of authentic Afro Cuban Music, song and dance. 

For 2017,  the Afro Cuban Drum and Dance Society will provide opportunities for students who would like to continue their educational studies hands on. Also for for 2017/2018 year, we will travel to Cuba and New Orleans. I look forward to new students joining our family “The Afro Cuban Drum and Dance Society. 

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Thank You,
Lisa McCall